MP Michael Phelps


Michael Phelps, to most people, is the king of the pool. Being the most decorated Olympian of all time certainly helps that reputation, winning 28 career medals including a staggering 23 golds! Since the Rio Olympics in 2016 Michael Phelps has retired from professional swimming, but that hasn't stopped his passion for growing the sport. That's why he's teamed up with five-time ASCA Coach of the Year Bob Bowman and the premier swimming equipment manufacturer for fitness swimming and triathlons Aqua Sphere to create the MP brand.

The MP brand's flagship product is the XPRESSO tech suit, used exclusively for racing. The competitive swimsuit features hydrodynamic fabrics, bonded seams and aqua core compression to greatly enhance performance and flexibility. You can find our whole range of XPRESSO tech suits in both Kneeskins and Jammers here!

Michael Phelps' training swimsuit range was developed to specifically meet the needs of elite competitive swimmers in their training sessions. Each bright and colourful print is hand picked by Michael himself and offers technologically advanced, breathable and ultra chlorine resistant Aqua Infinity fabric.

As well as developing high-quality swimwear Phelps and Bowman combined to create the K180 range of Goggles, the K180 and K180+ goggles are small but extremely comfortable thanks to the soft gaskets and adjustable nose bridges!
In addition to the K180, the XCEED competition goggles from MP combines patented curved lens technology with a hydrodynamic low profile fit to give swimmers a competitive edge in perfect clarity. You can check out our full range of XCEED goggles here!

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